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Can your point of sale system keep up with the changes brought on by social distancing?
Today's environment is shifting many business models. With a Clover® Flex, you can take curbside and contactless payments and even move your business online with Virtual Terminal. And with our newest offer, it's cheaper and easier than ever to make the switch.Clover Flex II
Clover Flex special offer* includes:
  • $9.99 monthly Flex rental
  • Clover software fees waived for 90 days
  • No monthly minimum fees
  • Free Virtual Terminal setup to take orders online 
  • Simplified pricing with swipe/non-swipe transactions

How can we help?
  • Virtual Terminal
    With Clover Virtual Terminal, easily accessible from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, business owners who have had to shut their doors can still operate remotely, with the flexibility of processing payments anytime, anywhere.
  • Customer Engagement
    Whether through rewards promos, or text messages, Clover encourages customer engagement and can be used to let customers know whether a business is open, what the new hours may be, and how they can show their support.
  • Employee Management
    It's critical for merchants to have tools that manage their existing employee base. From scheduling to remote access, merchants can manage employees from anywhere and our tools are less expensive and more flexible than traditional payroll providers.
  • Moving Sales Online
    We can help business owners take their businesses online. Our ecommerce solution
    offers a seamless online shopping experience with more payment options and impressive security features.

Flexible Solutions for a Changing World
  • Clover Flex II Inventory SoftwareSocial Distancing
    Merchants can convert their point-of-sale (POS) system into a self-service kiosk, enabling customers to continue frequenting a merchant's business without the fear of being too close for comfort.
  • Curbside Pickup and/or Delivery
    Customers can pick up their orders and the merchant can take their payments curbside. Or if the merchant has the ability to deliver orders, Clover offers portable and mobile devices to take payments on the go.
  • Online and Delivery Orders
    Securely accepting orders and payments over the phone is easy with our merchant services solution.

To learn more about how our team can help your business, call us at:
Florida: (305) 400-3330
Illinois: (847) 586-2399
Wisconsin: (262) 553-4499

*Promotional offer expires September 30, 2020. Clover Software and Clover Virtual Terminal monthly fees waived for the first 90 days. Virtual Terminal fees are $9.95/month after that. Virtual Terminal requires an Internet connection. Promotional period is subject to change. All rates and fees are subject to change in accordance with the terms of the Merchant Agreement. Some business types are subject to different rates. Transaction will be billed according to transaction type. Merchant Services products and services are provided by First Data Merchant Services, LLC. Terms and Conditions apply.
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