Business Debit & Credit Cards

Debit Cards

With the Business MasterCard® debit card from First American Bank, your purchases are automatically deducted from your business checking account. Enjoy 24-hour debit card convenience and protection everywhere MasterCard is accepted. It's a better way to pay for your business expenses.

How your company benefits:

  • More convenient than petty cash
    Save time when reconciling your company's account.
  • Purchase protection
    Purchases made with your card are automatically covered by theft and damage protection, plus most manufacturers' warranties are extended.
  • Instant order approval 
    Save time when shopping online or by phone.
  • Emergency travel and roadside assistance 
    More security for business travelers.
  • Favorable exchange rates on cash access at International ATMs.
  • Simplified record keeping 
    All transactions are itemized on your monthly account statement.
  • Employee cards
    Request extra cards with preset limits.

Credit Cards

First American has partnered with a leader in business credit card services. We offer a variety of cards to fit your company's needs - choose from one of the following:

Visa® Business Bonus Rewards

No annual fee card that lets you earn rewards for each purchase and pays a bonus on all points earned each month.

Visa® Business Bonus Rewards Plus

Low annual fee card (additional employee cards are free) that pays a higher bonus on points earned each month so you earn rewards faster.

Visa® Business 

No annual fee card that offers the simplicity and convenience of a traditional card.

All of the business credit card options come with the following:

  • Visa Zero Liability/Fraud Protection
  • Extended Warranty and Purchase Protection
  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Insurance
  • Flexible Billing Options
  • Point Pooling on Rewards Cards
  • Comprehensive Online Business Reporting Tools
  • Free Additional Employee Cards Easily Added Online
  • Cardmember Support - 24/7, 365 Days Per Year

How your company benefits:

  • Helps separate business and personal purchases for ease of record keeping and expense tracking.
  • Keep control on employee expenses by setting alerts and limits for individual cardmembers.
  • Reduce personal risk as the business card is not reported to your personal credit bureau.
  • Establish credit so future business growth can be achieved.



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