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Checking Accounts

At First American Bank we understand that every business has unique banking needs. That's why we've created several checking accounts, including the eSpirit Checking Account, which has the flexibility to meet your individual situation. It's easy to manage because it's based on the number of monthly transactions you make – not the size of your business or your balance.

First American provides two Business Checking Account options to meet different business needs.

  • eSpirit Checking is ideal for businesses with lower transaction volumes and who maintain a lower balance.
  • Business Checking is an analyzed account that offers an earnings credit to offset fees.

Our business checking accounts also include a complete line of treasury management products.

Protect your business from the unexpected with our Business Reserve line of credit. This unsecured line of credit is linked directly to your First American Bank business checking account and funds are automatically advanced (up to your available credit limit) whenever you need them.


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