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Financing Solutions

Today's business operations require an ongoing supply of capital... and First American Bank is ready to provide you with the financing you need to help your business grow and prosper. When you come to First American for a loan, you can be sure you'll receive personalized service from a senior-level officer who will help you determine the type of loan and the amount that's right for you. Our Commercial Banking management team has more than 25 years of helping companies like yours succeed in the global economy.  Our size and management structure also allow us to be more flexible in the way we look at your financial picture, the way we structure your loan, and the speed with which your loan can be approved. That's why we believe there's no better place to get a commercial loan than at First American Bank.

At First American we give you several different types of loans, whether you are looking for a line of credit or a fixed rate loan, we have many options specifically tailored to your needs.

Working Capital Loans

A Working Capital Line of Credit is a loan that lets you borrow against your accounts receivable and inventory, and helps you improve cash flow by making funds available for your business to use as the occasion arises.

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Equipment Financing

First American Bank has equipment loans that are customized and flexible — designed for all types of equipment and business needs.

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Asset Based Lending

An Asset Based Loan is a loan issued to companies that may or may not have fixed assets, but can offer accounts receivable and/or inventory as collateral.

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SBA Financing

As an SBA Preferred Lender, First American Bank can approve and process your small business loan right away.

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Line of Credit Sweeps

A Line of Credit Sweep makes your life easier by automatically transferring money as you need it.

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Commercial Mortgages

If you're interested in purchasing or constructing a building for business purposes, First American is the bank to choose for financing your loan.

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Interest Rate Hedging

Interest rate hedges are flexible tools that allow companies to reduce their vulnerability to changes in interest rates.

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ESOP Financing

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), is a tax-qualified, defined-contribution employee benefit plan.

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Not-for-Profit Financing

A not-for-profit organization can finance expenditures on a tax-exempt basis and receive substantial savings.

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Investment Real Estate Loans

First American Bank provides an array of loan products to help you make the most of your real estate investment and development opportunities. 

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