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International Referral Program

Growing or starting a business in the United States can be a daunting task for an international operating company. Trade-related regulations and reporting procedures are continually changing, and your company is exposed to the risks involved in international trade. First American Bank has products and services to help mitigate many of those risks. We offer solutions for everything from currency risk, translation risk, interest rate risk, country risk and bank risk to transport risk, liquidity risk and debtor (payment) risk.

Your Resource in the United States

Historically, the United States has been a major trading partner in the international marketplace and continues to be one of the top importers and exporters today.  With First American's extensive services and expertise, we can help your company expand its business to the lucrative U.S. market.

We work closely with key trade-related organizations, including the U.S. Export-Import Bank, U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Small Business Administration and various credit insurance organizations, as well as other companies to facilitate your international transactions. With our experience and broad staff network, we can assist or refer your company to experts in a variety of fields. These professionals are familiar with assisting international operating corporations and can provide practical insights on challenges and opportunities.

If you are considering incorporating your business in the United States, this can be done in different ways. Alternatives would include structures through a Delaware Incorporation, the Cayman Islands or directly in the state in which you plan to do the majority of your business.  Each would have different implications on how you run your U.S. operations. The incorporation method you choose can change the way and where you file taxes as well as affect your invoicing, bookkeeping, transfer pricing and other important factors.

Connecting You to Industry Experts

Our Trade Finance team is here to help in a variety of ways.  We can schedule introduction meetings with industry experts on a wide range of vital topics, including:

- U.S. Incorporation - Freight Forwarding and Warehousing 
- Immigration Issues - Business Representation Services
- Product Liability

- Insurance Issues

- International Property Rights   - Translation Services
- Accounting Services

- Real Estate Searches

- Customs Clearing / Brokers

- Executive Searches

- Agents and Distributors Selection                  

- Distribution Contracts

- Patent and Trademark Issues

- Industry / Market Analysis

- Market Potential Studies  - Competitive Intelligence


As another advantage to help expand your business, our extensive customer base may serve as a source of potential clients, business partners and industry counterparts for your company. If you would like more information on these services, please contact us.

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