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Current Announcements:

2016 Qualified Plan Limits have been released. Please check the Educational Resources page for additional information. 

       2016    2015
Maximum 401(k) Deferral Limit   $18,000   $18,000
Maximum 401(k) Catch-up Contribution (age 50 and older)   $6,000   $6,000 
Annual Addition Limit (total contribution allowed)   $53,000   $53,000 
Annual Compensation Cap   $265,000    $265,000 
Social Security Taxable Wage Base   $118,500    $118,500 
Dollar Threshold for Highly Compensated Employee (look back year)   $120,000    $120,000 
Maximum IRA Contribution   $5,500    $5,500 
Maximum IRA Catch-up Contribution   $1,000    $1,000 







Some things you will see after you log in to your Plan-specific site:

  • The opening page (Account Information) provides an overview of your Plan, as well as contact information and links to other areas of the site.
  • The Reports page provides access to reports of Plan activity. Click on the "view reports" tab for recent information, or "generate reports" for other time periods.
  • If you need to look up information for a particular participant, the Transactions page has helpful information.

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