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Ca$hTrac for commercial online banking customers makes business banking faster and easier by directly linking your organization with a complete range of First American Bank Treasury Management services. With Ca$hTrac, you have control over all your banking activities.

User-friendly, secure access to your banking information is at your fingertips 24 hours a day - through your Internet connection and browser. Security is provided through the use of SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology and 128-bit encryption, as well as multiple layers of user authentication.

Ca$hTrac Features and Services Available:

  • Dashboard - Welcome page for quick reference and links to information and activities important to each user.
  • Alerts - Delivered via e-Mail or Text Message, including:
    • Balance notification to alert when balances reach a threshold (i.e. OD, less than $500, etc.)
    • Account Activity (i.e. deposit made, ACH received, etc.)
    • Approvals needed for electronic payments (for both ACH and Wires)
    • ACH or Wire Transfer notifications
    • Electronic Report delivery (for e-Statements, EDI reports, and NOC reports)
  • Reporting - Display all account information for checking, savings, and loan accounts with options to access real-time, same day or previous day balances and transactions. 
  • Images - All paper account activity, including checks deposited and paid.
  • Book Transfers - Save time and money by transferring funds between accounts.
  • ACH Transactions - Initiate debits or credits up to 30 days in advance, including payroll direct deposit, vendor payments or tax payments.
  • Wire Transfers - Initiate wire transfers to any bank in the world in most currencies via our secure site.
  • Stop Payments - Issue stop payment instructions online and verify the outstanding or paid status of checks.
  • Positive Pay - View images of Positive Pay exception checks so it is easier to identify and return checks that are not authorized.
  • Online eStatements - Conveniently retrieve statements for reconcilement well before they would arrive by mail. 
  • Custom Views - Select and sort custom displays of your account history.

How your company benefits:

  • Manage all of your First American Bank accounts from the convenience of your office or home.
  • View daily reports providing up-to-date, direct access to your account information.
  • Create custom reports to aid in your reconcilement activities.
  • Export account information for easy use in accounting and reporting functions.
  • Maintain peace of mind with secure technology and dedicated technical support.

Consider this service if your company:

  • Wants banking activities to be more efficient and available 24 hours a day.
  • Requires the flexibility to maintain unique user rights and limits.
  • Needs custom reporting and data exporting capabilities.
  • Wants to process payroll in-house.
  • Wants the ability to send payments electronically.
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