Fraud Prevention

First American offers multiple solutions to combat the ever-increasing fraud taking place in today’s marketplace.

Positive Pay provides a daily process which enables near real-time reconciliation of the checks issued by your company to those being presented for payment by the bank.  By providing data files to us, we are able to detect potential fraud before checks actually clear your account by providing you notice of any suspect checks. Decisioning is easy and secure via our Ca$hTrac online banking system.

In addition to providing you with a method of fraud prevention on your account, the Positive Pay Solution can also include a reconciliation tool. As a result of you providing the bank with a list of issued checks, we are able to generate month-end reports that can aid with your reconciliation process. Reports can include a listing of checks paid, checks issued and not paid, and checks that had stop payments placed or were voided.

ACH (Automated Clearing House) or EFTs continue to become more popular. As with the rise in this form of payment, there has also been a rise in related fraudulent activity. Our ACH Debit Fraud Protection service is tailored to fit your specific needs and reporting requirements. Whether you block all ACH activity on a given account utilizing an ACH Block, or designate only certain entities to initiate debits to a given account using an ACH Filter, our ACH Debit Fraud Protection offers an easy and cost-effective tool to mitigate the risks related to electronic payment activity.

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