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Leadership Training Programs

Starting or changing careers is an exciting time filled with many possibilities. You may have extensive banking or management experience and are looking to take your career to the next level. Alternately, you may be interested in banking, yet not certain of what area you might want to pursue. We invite you to consider one of our Leadership Training Programs:

Leadership Trainee
The ideal candidate is a self-driven and enthusiastic college graduate with an interest or focus in the field of banking including a strong desire and ability to become a potential leader in the organization. Along with our formal 9 month entry level training program, Leadership Trainees periodically participate in internships or special projects in various departments i.e. Commercial, Trust/Wealth Management, Consumer Lending or Human Resources, to name a few, to explore or further their career in banking. These training experiences are pivotal to understanding the First American Bank customer service culture, processes, and procedures.

Assistant Branch Manager Trainee
The ideal candidate typically has previous management experience either in banking or other customer service related field, which may qualify them for the Assistant Branch Manager Trainee Program. In addition, those employees who have successfully completed the Leadership Trainee Program may be selected to continue directly to the ABM program. Assistant Branch Manager Trainees may participate in internships or special projects as determined by business need. The focus of the ABM trainee program curriculum is to prepare potential managers for certification through a formal Assessment Panel process. Upon successful completion, these individuals will be eligible for placement as an Assistant Branch Manager.

Building a Solid Foundation

A strong base is critical to a successful career in banking. Depending on your previous experience, Leadership Trainees will participate in rotations within the organization where you will learn First American Banks' specific processes and procedures. Additionally, throughout the program you will receive personalized, one-on-one guidance and support.

Our focus is to build on your core strengths and find the right opportunities to make the most of those abilities. By developing customer service skills and gaining a thorough understanding of bank operations, you can begin to compare career paths within our bank.

Today's Recruits, Tomorrow's Banking Leaders

As a member of an elite group of trainees in one of our Leadership Training Programs, you will receive dynamic training and responsive coaching to develop a comprehensive understanding of the banking industry:

  • Solid Base - Gain exposure to all aspects of banking, from retail to commercial, wealth management to information technology.
  • Hands-On Learning - Obtain individualized training in banking operations, processes and customer interactions.
  • Strong Start - Familiarize yourself with the banking business before deciding on a formal career path.
  • High Visibility - Interact and work with all levels of management throughout our bank.
  • Personal Focus - Upon successfully completing training, there is potential to be placed in a role where your skills are best utilized.

Basic Training

For those with limited banking experience, our Leadership Training Programs range from 9 to 12 months in length. Individuals who have banking or management experience will go through similar rotations, but may be "fast tracked." Regardless, selected recruits participate in several specialized training rotations to gain knowledge and experience. You are not confined to one area of banking but will have exposure to all the fundamentals. These rotations are the building blocks to develop or enhance a solid background in banking operations and advance your career.

  • Teller
    The teller window is the frontline of the bank and the first step in training. This rotation presents the basics of customer transactions, including how to refer customers to other departments within the bank, vault management and ATM cash-flow.
  • New Accounts
    In this rotation, trainees develop a thorough command of bank products and the ability to target those products to fit the needs of your customers. Learn how to evaluate customer accounts and make sound financial decisions. An introduction to some basic elements of branch management is also included.
  • Customer Service
    This stage of training takes place in First American Bank’s state-of-the-art Call Center. Gain real-life experience in providing service to customers over the phone and helping resolve inquiries and disputes. This is an excellent opportunity to develop communication skills and gain the confidence to approach a multitude of banking issues. You will also strengthen your familiarity with our bank’s computer systems and increase the ability to navigate your resources.
  • Loans
    This rotation introduces the basics of consumer loans and how to match our products to the lending needs of customers. Understand what steps are involved in the loan process and how to guide customers through these steps. At the end of this course, you will be able to answer loan questions and take applications, service our existing loan customers, and identify customers that would benefit from our loan products.

Ongoing Guidance and Support

Your progression through the training program rotations will be managed by a member of our training and development staff. You will benefit from the insights and support of a team of coaches. These experienced professionals will mentor you throughout the process and can help you determine what might be the best career path for you within the bank.

The First Step

Acceptance into one of our Leadership Training Programs is only the beginning of the learning experience.

Leadership Trainee Program
Upon successful completion of the Leadership Trainee Program, trainees will be given the opportunity to consider different areas of expertise within the bank, from branches, Commercial Lending and Wealth Management to Human Resources and Information Services. You will then continue on to more specialized training where you can make the most of your strengths and skills in the banking area that's right for you.

Assistant Branch Manager Trainee Program
Upon completion of the Assistant Branch Manager Trainee curriculum, trainees will attend an Assessment Panel session. During the session they will interact with members of Management and demonstrate their understanding of First American Bank policies, procedures and philosophies in addition to their leadership ability. The Assessment Panel will then provide feedback to the trainee regarding their progress and placement within the branch network will be determined.

Applying Is Easy!

If you would like to understand the world of banking, learn from experienced professionals, and move your career in the right direction, one of our Leadership Training Programs may be just the right match for you. View our Current Openings to see if we are currently hiring for these programs.

Feel free to read the success stories of others who have completed our training programs.


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