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Assistant Branch Manager Training Program

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The purpose of the Assistant Branch Management Training Program is to cultivate our own future leaders by merging a concrete knowledge base of banking, specifically First American Bank, with valued management essentials. Upon completion of the Assistant Branch Manager Training curriculum, trainees will attend an Assessment Panel session. During the session they will interact with members of Management and demonstrate their understanding of First American Bank policies, procedures and philosophies in addition to their leadership ability. The Assessment Panel will then provide feedback to the trainee regarding their progress, and placement within the branch network will be determined. 


The Teller window is the frontline of the bank and the first step in training. This rotation teaches the basics of customer transactions, including how to refer customers to other departments within the bank, vault management, ATM maintenance, and navigating customer portfolios. 

New Accounts  

In this rotation, trainees develop a thorough command of bank products and the ability to target those products to fit the needs of your customers. Learn how to evaluate customer accounts and make sound financial decisions. An introduction to some basic elements of branch management is also included. 

Customer Service 

This stage of training offers real-life experience in providing service to customers over the phone and helping resolve inquiries. This is an excellent opportunity to develop communication skills and gain the confidence to approach a multitude of banking topics. You will also strengthen your familiarity with our bank’s computer systems and increase the ability to navigate your resources. 


This rotation introduces the basics of consumer loans and how to match our products to the lending needs of customers. Understand what steps are involved in the loan process and how to guide customers through these steps. At the end of this course, you will be able to answer loan questions and take applications, service our existing loan customers, and identify customers who would benefit from our loan products. 

Applying is Easy! 

If you would like to understand the world of banking, learn from experienced professionals, and move your career in the right direction, our Assistant Branch Manager Training Program may be just the right match for you!

Applications for this position are accepted periodically throughout the year. When applications are being accepted for this role, this position will appear in our list of current employment opportunities. The list of current employment opportunities can be found by selecting Employment Opportunities on the left navigation column of this page, or by selecting the Employment Opportunities tile on our main Careers page.


"I found that the training helped me build confidence in how I manage a team and introduced me to new techniques that I can utilize to be a more effective leader. As a manager, I am responsible for inspiring and engaging, and I believe the resources and training given to us will continue to help my branch staff develop and advance. Impassioned employees lead to impassioned customers. The mentorship, guidance and inspiration is second to none. You can accomplish a lot when properly trained, which is one of the keys to success. I'm lucky to be part of a team who helped me be successful, and they deserve as much credit for my success as I do for the hard work we have all put in to get to where I am today."

Mark, Branch Manager 

"The opportunity to be a part of an uninterrupted dexterous training program was very unique. I was drawn to the combined classroom and rotational experience, especially getting the support and feedback from your coach to succeed as a new manager in the organization. There is so much time and thought put into the success of the program. Everyone that I have worked with at FAB has been very invested in my development, and as a result I am always learning. I look forward to my continued growth with FAB."


Mark, Assistant Branch Manager 


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