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Success Stories

Here are a few quotes from some of our Leadership Training Program graduates...



"Having no banking experience the Leadership Trainee program was perfect for me.  I received extensive training as a teller, personal banker, and customer service representative.  The employees and the coaches that guided me through the process were extremely helpful.  I was given the opportunity to work at six different locations and meet many different people.  The family atmosphere and helpfulness of all employees helped me to succeed.  I graduated from the program and have now taken a position as a Personal Banker."


Personal Banker

Leadership Trainee Graduate


"As part of the Leadership Trainee Program, I was able to obtain a solid understanding of the banking industry, as well as all the different facets of the company. With help from the career development staff, I was able to discover that my true interest lies in Human Resources. I am now part of the Human Resource team and enjoy every minute of it."

HR Representative
Leadership Trainee Graduate


"One of the elements that attracted me to First American Bank was the Leadership Training Program. I had previous banking experience and was looking to expand my knowledge on different aspects of the bank. It was advertised I would do as such and I was not disappointed. This program was a unique training experience designed to fit my needs. I was able to learn different functions of the bank during each rotation, but most importantly, I met extraordinary staff that helped mold me to the employee that I am today. I am very proud to be a part of the FAB family and thank each of them for coaching me through my professional development. I look forward to continued growth with this great and exciting organization."

Assistant Branch Manager
Assistant Branch Manager Trainee Graduate


"As a recent graduate, First American Bank's Leadership Training program provided me with the skills, knowledge, tools, and the coaching to help me achieve a high level of success within the company and identify a career path that catered to my strengths.  The program gave me the unique opportunity to experience all the different areas of the bank, and to be able combine that experience and knowledge to help me succeed within my current role as a Data Services Customer Service Representative."

Data Services Customer Service Representative
Leadership Trainee Graduate


“My current success at First American Bank is immensely owed to the Leadership Trainee Program. The program provided opportunity and introduction to many different areas of the banking industry that I may not have explored otherwise. Upon completion of the program I was able to gain a solid, core expertise in the basic fundamentals of retail banking as well as other facets in the banking industry, namely, Customer Service, Commercial Loans and Personal Trust which eventually led to my current role in Wealth Management as a Senior Personal Trust Associate.”

Sr. Trust Associate
Leadership Trainee Graduate


“The Leadership Trainee program is a training course unlike any that I have experienced before. The combination of classroom instruction, hands-on practice, and real world experience, coupled with the compassion, guidance and sincere attention of training staff and branch staff alike creates an atmosphere that breeds success. Being able to rotate through so many different positions in the bank is exciting, and frankly quite eye opening. I had no previous banking experience before starting the program and didn’t know how many different positions were available until getting the unique opportunity to experience a handful myself. Thankfully, though, I never felt lost. There was always a helping hand and a willing employee ready to answer any questions I had, or teach me something new. The structure of the program and the heightened expectations allowed me to fine-tune my skills, and truly discover my strengths. At the end of my program I accepted a position in Central Operations as a Junior Project Manager, which has turned out to be a great fit. First American Bank really is a family and I’m proud to be able to call myself a part of it!”

Jr. Project Manager
Leadership Trainee Graduate


“Being new to the Banking world, I was excited to learn about the Leadership Training program.  I did not have any idea as to what opportunities I would have within the bank when I started.  The Leadership Training program exposed me to different areas of banking, from working as a teller to the operations side.  I have had the opportunity to work with employees who have been with First American Bank for decades!  I had the chance to ask questions and absorb some of their knowledge and also teach them what I have learned through training classes.  While I do love meeting and interacting with customers, I am also intrigued by how and why we operate the way we do behind the scenes.

While in the Leadership Training program, I was able to intern in a department that was brand new to me and was eventually offered a permanent position. Typically within a new position, everything that you need to know is thrown at you within that first two weeks and you are expected to remember every detail.  The training that I received from this program was the exact opposite.  I had time to learn the material.  I was given an outline of what was expected of me and I was able to ask questions.  I am very happy with my current position and the people that I have the opportunity to work with.” 

On-Line Personal Banker
Leadership Trainee Graduate


“The Assistant Branch Manager Training Program was very beneficial for me.  Even with having years of banking experience, preparing to manage different people, locations, and myself was another challenge within itself.  If your “House isn’t in order” how can you manage your staff and clients?  I had the opportunity to work closely with various managers and coaches.  This type of hands on experience, feedback, and on the spot coaching showed me a completely new perspective.  I was given much support and tools to succeed within FAB, which keep me growing as a person and a manager.  The exceptional staff I was able to train with during my rotations cared very much about my success.  The various rotations show you why other departments are important and how they work.  It has been 2 years since I have completed the program and every day I am still learning something new.  I can only make them proud by becoming the resource to the newer staff, just like they were a resource to me.”

Assistant Branch Manager
Assistant Branch Manager Trainee Graduate

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