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We’re pleased to introduce the added security of chip technology to your First American Bank Debit MasterCard. Chip cards have a microchip embedded in the card that provides increased protection against fraud. If you have not already done so, now is the time to activate your new chip enabled debit card.

Your chip card comes with technology that is already in use around the world, and has been proven to reduce counterfeit fraud.

Shop with confidence—at home and around the world— knowing that the chip in your card can help protect you from fraud while opening up the world for you.


Your First American Bank Debit MasterCard has chip and magnetic stripe technology. That means, regardless of what type of terminal a merchant has, you’ll be able to use your card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

  • At retailers with chip-enabled terminals. Insert your card and follow the prompts on the terminal.
  • At retailers without chip terminals. Swipe your card and proceed as you normally would.
  • Over the phone or online. Provide your card information the way you always have when you’re ready to make a purchase.


How Do I Use my Chip Card


What are chip cards?
The chip contains your card number, name, and other account information. There is no other personal information stored on the chip. Due to security in the chip, every transaction you make is unique, which makes it extremely difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited. Your chip card will also have the usual magnetic stripe on the back so that you can continue using your card while merchants are transitioning to new chip card terminals.
What are the benefits of chip technology?
The embedded microchip provides dynamic transaction security features and other capabilities not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. A chip card is extremely difficult to counterfeit.
Why is my card being upgraded to a chip card?
Chip technology is already used in other countries and now coming to the U.S. Your new chip card provides an extra level of security and is easier to use at international locations.
How is this card different from a magnetic stripe card?
A chip card looks just like a traditional card with an embedded chip in addition to the standard magnetic stripe on the back of the card. Rather than swiping your card, you will insert your chip card into the card terminal to complete the transaction.
How does chip technology work?
Every transaction with a chip card has unique data in it. Chip transactions are dynamic, not static like magnetic stripe cards. That is why if someone were able to intercept one of your chip transactions they would not be able to use that information again. This stops fraudsters from being able to create counterfeit chip cards.
Are chip cards new?
Although chip cards are relatively new in the U.S., they have been used elsewhere for many years. In some countries, particularly in Europe, merchants may be more familiar with accepting chip cards.
Where can I use my chip card?
Use your chip card at the exact same merchants you do now—by inserting the card into card terminals that are chip enabled or swiping your card at merchant locations that have not yet switched to chip-enabled card terminals. You can also continue to use your card as you did before for online payments, telephone payments, and at ATMs.



Shop online with added security with MasterCard® SecureCode™

MasterCard® SecureCode™ is a simple, more secure way to protect your First American debit card from unauthorized use when you shop online. Every time you pay online at a participating merchant, you will automatically be prompted to enter your own private SecureCode - just like entering a PIN at the ATM. To find out where you can use your SecureCode, view the list of participating online merchants

MasterCard® SecureCode™ is safe and easy and there is no charge to enroll. The first time you shop online with a participating merchant, you will be prompted to enroll. Thereafter, you only need to enter your secret information and you can start shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions about SecureCode™
Additional Questions? Contact Customer Service at (847) 952-3700.


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