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Savings / Money Market Accounts

A savings account is a great place to secure your finances and let your money grow over time. It can also be a useful tool for teaching young ones how to save and budget money. No matter what your needs, First American Bank has the right account for you.

First American Bank Savings/Money Market Account Options

Minimum to Open
Minimum Balance to Earn Interest
Minimum to Avoid Fee
Monthly Fee
Why Choose This Option?
Optimal Money Market
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Tiered rate of interest, keeps your funds liquid

Easy Savings
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Save for big purchases at your own pace

Student Savings
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Teens learn how to save for their future


*Available for Primary Owners under the age of 23. Upon the Primary Owner's 23rd birthday, the Student Savings account will automatically be converted to an Easy Savings account & will be subject to the Paper Statement Fee if electronic statements have not been elected. See our Schedule of Fees for Consumer Accounts. Additionally, after conversion the account will be subject to a $5.00 monthly fee if a minimum daily balance of $250.00 is not maintained in the account.

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