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Fixed Rate

Enjoy the stability of a fixed rate loan, for a fixed term with our Fixed Rate Equity Loan.

  • Know at the start how much you will be paying every month.
  • Loan terms can vary from as little as a few months up to a number of years.
  • Receive a lump sum up front when approved for the loan.

More choices -We also have loans which offer you a balloon payment that can be amortized for an extended period of time.

Monthly payment examples -Learn more with some examples based on specific terms and loan amounts. Standard rates apply for homeowners with 15% or more equity in their homes (85% loan to value). Note some terms have a minimum loan amount.

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Fixed Rate Home Equity Standard Rates
As of 9/20/2017
TermAnnual Percentage Rate (APR)  
24 mos. 4.990% Terms and Conditions
36 mos. 4.990% Terms and Conditions
48 mos. 5.490% Terms and Conditions
60 mos. 5.750% Terms and Conditions
120 mos. 5.990% Terms and Conditions
5/20 Year Balloon 6.125% Terms and Conditions
10/15 Year Balloon 6.250% Terms and Conditions
10/20 Year Balloon 6.375% Terms and Conditions

Home Equity Loans

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