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Account Checklist

New Accountholder Checklist:

  • Open your First American Bank HSA or HSA Plus account
  • Review your account fee schedule and First American Bank's privacy policy
  • Sign up for pre-tax payroll deduction into your HSA, if it's available through your employer
  • Activate your First American Bank MasterCard® debit card
  • Enroll for First American Bank's Online Banking
  • Review how to pay bills online - or order checks (additional fees apply)
  • Become familiar with eligible medical expenses and save all receipts 
  • Start saving today so you can pay for, or be reimbursed for, eligible medical expenses

Sign up for Online Banking:




Contribution Limits


Minimum Deductible

2016/17: $1,300

2016/17: $2,600

Maximum  Out-of-Pocket

2016/17: $6,550

2016/17: $13,100

Contribution Limit

2016: $3,350
2017: $3,400

2016/17: $6,750

Catch-up Contribution (55 or older)



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