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Keep these points in mind when you go online

If you suspect fraud on your account, please contact First American Bank at (847) 952-3700 as soon as possible.

Fighting Fraud: It Starts with Prevention

In today's world, fraud encompasses much more than counterfeit checks and money.

  • With the advent of the internet, there are many more types of fraud, and it has become easier than ever for predators to take advantage of unsuspecting, honest consumers.
  • At First American Bank, your protection is important to us. And the best ways to avoid fraud are to educate yourself and to take preventive measures.
Identity Theft

This crime occurs when someone steals your private personal information such as your social security number, credit card number, or checking account number, and uses this information to commit theft or incur debt while pretending to be you.

  • Identity theft is big business for criminals and it is much more than someone stealing credit cards.
  • A thief may steal your checking account information and your mother’s maiden name. Then, posing as you, this individual can drain your checking account, investments or other savings vehicles.
  • For more information on identity theft and how you can protect yourself, click the following links.

The internet has made phishing particularly attractive to scam artists who prey on unsuspecting online users.

Important Reminder: First American Bank will NEVER ask for your account number or PIN number via email.

Stay Informed

Click on the following links for further information about ways to protect yourself from identity theft as well as information on various fraud schemes.

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