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Experienced professionals can provide a broad array of fiduciary services

For some people, a simple will is enough. But those who have accumulated more assets or have complex family situations may want First American Bank to provide trust and estate services to ensure that their funds and property are distributed as they desire. The bank can administer your trust or estate, and our Wealth Management Group can provide a full range of necessary fiduciary services. A fiduciary's responsibilities are broad and important, and we bring many benefits to that role:

  • Consistency. Unlike an individual who may die, become incompetent or not be available, we are a solid financial institution with a long history of superior customer service.
  • Experience. We have a proven track record and the expertise to administer trusts, estates and guardianships, as well as manage the investments of the assets.
  • Superior service. We have the professional experience, time, and systems to do the job professionally and efficiently.
  • Fair treatment. As fiduciary, First American Bank treats all beneficiaries impartially.

Trust assets are not assets of First American Bank and are never commingled with bank assets.

First American Bank is a full-service bank with locations in Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida.

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