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What can you do with up to $5 million? Pursue pretty much any priority

The SBA CAPLine Program is designed to help businesses manage their cash cycle and support growth by meeting their short-term and cyclical working capital needs.

The CAPLine Program can support facilities up to $5 million to fund a combination of transactions.

CAPLines can be structured to support seasonal working capital needs.

  • Support larger contracts, financing up to 100% of direct costs
  • Support growth through access to working capital
  • Support accounts receivables, allowing you to be competitive in offering payment terms to your business customers
  • The program can be administered on an asset base or can be used to finance individual purchase orders or invoices
  • Proceeds can be used for financing for suppliers, inventory, WIP, or production of export goods or services.

Similar to SBA’s Export Working Capital Program (EWCP), CAPLine loans have a quick processing time. Because we understand one SBA product doesn’t work for every business, First American Bank is one of the few active lenders under this program nationally.

SBAExpress loans are also an option for a flexible way to meet your business’ short-term needs. 

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