Health Savings Account for Individuals

A Health Savings Account (HSA) from First American Bank is a great way to save for your health care deductible, while taking advantage of tax savings. First American offers two types of HSA accounts:
HSA and HSA Plus.

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Yes, pays competitive interest rates

- Free MasterCard® debit card
- Free Mobile Banking
- Free Online Banking and Bill Payment
- Preprinted checks for a minimal fee (Optional)
- Free e-Statements
- View disclosure

HSA Plus
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Yes, pays competitive interest rates

- Invest a portion of your HSA in a selected group of
  mutual funds*
- Free Mobile Banking
- Free Online Banking and Bill Payment
- Free e-Statements
- Free MasterCard® debit card
- View disclosure

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*Investors should carefully read the Fund prospectus, which includes information on the Fund's investment objectives, risk, as well as charges and expenses along with other information before investing or sending money.  Funds in the investment portion of your Health SavingsPLUS account are not FDIC insured, May Lose Value and are Not Bank Guaranteed.

Neither First American Bank nor its subsidiaries (collectively "First American Bank") are registered investment advisors nor is First American Bank acting in the capacity of a registered investment advisor with respect to the offering of Health Savings Account ("HSA") investment options.  Participation in the investment options is voluntary.  Under no circumstances is First American Bank offering any of the HSA investment options and makes no representations with respect to the investment options offered.

First American Bank disclaims any and all liability, contingent or otherwise, for the performance of the investment options. Please see your financial advisor for personal investment advice.

Contribution Limits


Minimum Deductible

2014: $1,250
2015: $1,300

2014: $2,500
2015: $2,600

Maximum  Out-of-Pocket

2014: $6,350
2015: $6,450

2014: $12,700
2015: $12,900

Contribution Limit

2014: $3,300
2015: $3,350

2014: $6,550
2015: $6,650

Catch-up Contribution (55 or older)



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