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Technology can help speed receivables into your accounts

Businesses of all types are looking to operate more efficiently. One area where improvements can often be made is in the processing of checks, credit cards, and other types of payments. At First American Bank, we offer receivables services that help big companies and smaller merchants save time and money without sacrificing security.

Remote Deposit Capture Services

At many businesses, an employee is tasked with gathering incoming checks and transporting them to the bank. Remote Deposit Capture eliminates this time-intensive chore by allowing individuals to scan checks into your office computers and then electronically deposit them via our secure website using scanners or mobile app.

  • Take advantage of same-day ledger credit for deposits made before 5 p.m. Central Time.
  • Reduce or eliminate costs associated with a courier service or the lost production of employees leaving the workplace to make a deposit at the bank.
  • Easily access detailed transaction data going back two years.
  • Reduce your risk that a check will be returned by enabling items to clear faster.
  • Review the Security Best Practices for our Remote Deposit Capture service.
Business Mobile Deposits

Thanks to Business Mobile Deposit, depositing checks is now as simple as snapping a picture on your smartphone or tablet device. Ca$hTrac users can quickly and securely deposit checks on the go without a trip to a branch or ATM. Simply use the mobile app to snap a photo of your check and follow the prompts to have it deposited in your business account.

Business Mobile Deposit App is available on the Apple App or Google Play Store, search for First American Bus Deposit and download today.

Lockbox Services

Simplify your operations by having your company's receivables collected in one location. Payments are directed to a specific post office box within a unique ZIP code assigned to First American Bank and are retrieved throughout the day to ensure timely processing.

  • Increase efficiency. A seasoned banking staff leveraging technology assures the delivery of timely and accurate item processing per customer-defined specifications.
  • Accelerate cash flow. Your funds are processed faster because the bank receives your payments directly.
  • Reduce processing times and costs. We handle the process of opening and depositing your receivable payments and provide you with information according to your needs
  • Access daily deposit information through a variety of channels, including Ca$hTrac Online Banking, fax or regular mail.
Merchant Services

Consumers are increasingly making purchases with credit and debit cards and electronic payment services. Merchants need a quick, accurate way to process these transactions and move funds into operating accounts. We're proud to bring you Clover®, a point-of-sale system that offers a range of excellent payment processing and business management solutions.

  • Customized all-in-one, point-of-sale (POS) system for businesses of all sizes.
  • Accept more types of payments with EMV® chip cards and contactless payments, including Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay®.
  • Protect your customers, business and reputation from fraud with built-in security.
  • Generate more visits and more sales through mobile loyalty and rewards programs.
  • Uncover new insights and compare sales against competition within your market.
  • Manage inventory, employee schedules, payroll and more.
Merchant Services Solutions
  • Clover Go: All-in-one contactless, chip and swipe card reader wirelessly connects to a mobile device.
  • Clover Flex: Accept payments tableside, in-line, on the floor or off premises with this handheld POS.
  • Clover Station: All-in-one countertop system with printer and cash drawer.
  • Clover Mini: Compact, countertop system on a swivel base that connects to cash drawer.

To learn more about our Merchant Services and how our team can help your business, click here.

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