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Flexible working capital solutions to support export growth

Given the extended payment cycles of international trade, growing exporters often face the challenge of managing their cash flow at home while supporting the terms issued to their foreign buyers.

By partnering with the EXIM Bank, First American can structure a Working Capital Guaranty line of credit to support your export business. In addition to providing export working capital, a WCG line of credit can be structured to complement your domestic borrowing needs.

The following are a few unique features of the program:
  • The EXIM Bank’s Working Capital Guaranty program (WCG) supports facilities to fund export transactions.
  • First American Bank is a Delegated Authority Lender for facilities up to $7.5 million.
  • WCG loans can support the issuance of advanced payment guaranty and stand-by letters of credit with reduced collateral requirements.
  • The EXIM Bank WCG program can support the export working capital needs of foreign-owned companies operating in the United States.

In addition to our flagship Asset Based product, the following are additional Asset-Based and Trade Finance solutions offered by First American Bank:

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